How to Reduce Your Cellulite the Easy Way


Cupping is my number 1 recommendation for reducing cellulite.

It is so cheap, so simple and so easy that I completely disregarded it as a viable option.  A foolish waste of time!

Cupping has an incredible cost to benefit ratio.  My overall results were better with the Guinot TechniSPA.  However, for the cost of a measly Cellulite Cupping“>£0.57 for a silicone cup, which I expect to last me a solid 5 five years, at least; cupping takes the number 1 position.

I could visibly see a reduction in my cellulite after only 2 sessions and further reduction over time.  To be clear, when I say visible after 2 sessions, it was nowhere near gone!  It’s not a magic eraser.  But I did see shallower cellulite dimples very quickly, which is pretty amazeballs.

Cupping has not only reduced my cellulite, but it has also reduced looseness in my skin I didn’t realise was there.  An unexpected and incredibly welcome bonus!  My quads no longer hood my knees and the mood of my belly button has lightened from sad ( to shocked 0.

I have found the suction strength, time and regularity of each session and period of dedicated use, affect the results substantially.  Essentially here, more is better.  This is not the time to be subtle.

The low down

Cupping is a manual type of vacuum massage.  The cup should be rubbery silicone (see Image 1. below), this is essential.  A number of different designs are available for the purpose of cellulite reduction however, I prefer the style shown below.

This is because it achieves a strong suction, is easier to handle and may be used on any part of the body other than the face.

Image 1. My preferred style of Cellulite Cupping“>silicone cup

Step 1.

The key to success (other than strong suction and persistence) is lubrication.  You will need to slather up before trying to cup.  If you find you are unable to glide the cup or maintain a consistent decent suction as you move the cup around, then you probably do not have enough lubrication of the skin.

I initially used a thick layer of body moisturiser but found this soaked into my skin far too quickly.   I now use a generous amount of baby oil“>baby oil and it works brilliantly, it’s super cheap and leaves my skin super soft when my cupping is done.

Image 2.

Step 2.

Expect cupping to hurt when you first start.  It will likely also leave you with bruises.

I have been cupping for a while now and I no longer experience any discomfort what so ever.  In fact, cupping feels amazing, like a seriously deep massage you can’t get anywhere else.

With my preferred style of cup, I firmly squeeze the sides of the cup in and press the opening of the cup onto my body, usually starting on the peak of my butt.  I then release the sides and as I do, the cup sucks the area of skin directly under its opening, up into the cup, see Image 3.  The harder the initial squeeze of the cup, the greater the suction once released.

Image 3.

Once the skin sucked into the cup, begin to glide it over your skin slowly.  If you lose suction (and you will a number of times), just give it a squeeze and carry on.

I recommend changing the direction you move the cup over an area.  For example, start moving the cup left to right for a minute or two, then up and down, diagonally, then circular movements.

This will help to really loosen up your fatty cells and get the septae moving and stretching. Think of it as yoga for cellulite – limber up.  If you are going to bother cupping you may as well maximise the benefit.

To manage my pain initially, I moved more frequently between the body parts, for example, I would move from my butt to my thighs, back to my butt again.

Moving the cup slowly will make a substantial difference.  Also, when you move it slowly you will be able to feel exactly where the septae is short and stiff, feeling where it pulls and resists.

Step 3.

The cupping will force circulation into the area causing it to glow pink or red.  This is a great thing and what you are aiming for.  Make sure that the entire area is glowing pink/red and that you have not missed any patches.

Now when I say red, you are not aiming for blood blisters here (they look like a hickey).  If you are getting these then you are moving the cup too slowly.  However, if you do get them, they will eventually fade away and are not harmful – just ugly.

As I no longer feel discomfort cupping, I make sure that the entire area is nice and red before moving onto the next body part.  I search for any pale skin patches and go over them in different directions until they are also red.

I started cupping for about 10 minutes a session and I have now increased this to about 20 minutes, simply because it feels so good.

Step 4.

Get dressed and get on with your life.

If you are still unsure, there are plenty of instructional and before and after clips on youtube.


There is literally nothing easier than cupping to reduce your cellulite and the only thing cheaper is getting outside for free and building up that muscle (run, squats, lunges etc).

I have read a few blogs where the person has complained of the discomfort of the suction.  That discomfort for me evolved very quickly into a deep pleasurable massage.

I have also read many reviews indicating close to no results were achieved.  However, most cupped for an incredibly small amount of time, eg, 4 minutes.  This is not enough time to cover the entire area (each thigh and butt cheek), getting them nice and rosy.  Given this, I am not at all surprised that little results were seen.

Cupping regularly will grow burdensome before it becomes a habit.  To battle this, I usually cup in my down time while watching Netflix, listening to an audiobook, or creating voice memo’s for my writing.

I also recommend just integrating cupping into your day as you would exercise and don’t fixate on your cellulite.  Fixating will send you over the edge.  Just check in once a month with the mirror for a progress assessment.


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