Antelope Electronic Muscle Stimulation Suit

Antelope Body Suit

Image 1. The Antelope EMS Body Suit

What is it?

I first discovered the Antelope bodysuit, what I hope to be a glorious invention, on over a year ago.

A great little clip can be viewed here.

The Antelope consists of a tight short sleeve t-shirt and shorts that look like cycling shorts (see Image 1. above).

It is sports clothing with electronic muscle stimulators placed within the garment.  The stimulators are located over the major muscle groups.  The t-shirts stimulate the biceps, triceps, abs, back, shoulders and pectoral muscles.  The shorts stimulate the glutes, quads and hamstrings.

You can see the pad placement in the images above identified by meshy looking patches.

You can read my post about EMS if you would like to know more.

Why I’m excited!

I have tried EMS suits before (see Image 2. below) and absolutely loved it (and plan to write a separate post about this).

Image 2. Wired EMS suit, not Antelope.

You can see just by comparing these pictures the many ways the Antelope suit is (theoretically) better.  The suit pictured above must also be directly wired to a machine so any exercise whilst trapped very tightly inside, must be carried out within a metre or two of that machine.

Low maintenance

The number 1 seller is that it is available for home use.  I don’t need to invest $30k plus for a business or $80 a 20 minute “personal training” session to have access to one of these.

Nothing needs to be added, maintained, or replaced.  Often with EMS machines, the pads need to be replaced, sprayed with water and stuck on with gel.  None of that with the Antelope.  You don’t need to wet the suit or replace the pads.  Just slip it on, plug the power pack on and away you go, and go and go.

I figure the $0 maintenance cost offsets the high initial buy price.

Don’t waste time, utilise it

It wireless, mobile and skin thin.  If you are more of a picture person, take a look at this groovy little clip.

There is nothing stopping me from EMSing on the bus to work, or my walk to the shops or watching TV.  Netflix just got even betterer.  The bus might be a little awkward if my muscles are slightly jerking around but I figure everyone’s staring at their phones anyway, who will notice.

And I would have to wear it under my clothes, so would have to commit to redressing once I got to work.  A sacrifice I’m willing to make.

But what get’s me really excited is the idea that I could use this on long internal flights.  Goodbye flight hell, hello buns of steel!  I’ll be cracking walnuts by the end of the flight.

Now I understand that the suit is intended to be used in combination with exercise and for 20 minutes a session.  I do a lot of exercise and this suits me just fine.  Also, if it reduces my average workout to only 20 minutes, I have basically just purchased years of my life back.

But I love the idea of getting my body moving – pumping, during the time’s I must be sedentary.

Muscle targeting and activation

Apparently, everyone has lazy glutes.  Turn away for a second and they’re slacking off, letting the hip flexors do all the work.  Well not any more!

The thing I love about EMS is that it forces the muscle contract as you would during an exercise.  Well not really, EMS forces it to contract way better.

With EMS, the muscle will contract, no matter how sleepy the glutes are, they will be put to work.  It also contracts a much larger number of muscle fibres up to 98% compared to the usual 50% of regular exercise.

The great thing about this is that, if I am EMS my butt, my glutes hip flexors are not going pitch in and take the stress off the glutes.  The glutes are receiving the current directly, forcing them to contract.


It is just for me and not shared with 1000 other users like as with the wired ems suit studios.  And I can throw into my front loader (although I will be doing this in a wash bag on gentle cycle just to be sure).

If smelling like aged body odour is not for you, then the Antelope suit is.

The journey to getting on my body

I made a number of enquiries with Antelope about pad placement, whether or not the full-length suit was available and whether or not the power of the suit was on par with the wired suits.

I was provided with an image that clearly showed pad placement over the glutes and was assured that the power was equivalent to the wired suits.  The long leg pants were not available, only the shorts, which was ok, I’m relatively happy with my calves so no biggie.

After waiting until it was mere weeks from commercial production, I placed my pre-order at the discounted price.  This suit is not cheap and I was happy to take any discount I could get.

Antelope delivers out of Germany and are currently limited to a handful of countries, so be aware of this before you rush out and buy.  I organised for the parcel to be delivered to my in-laws in Ireland so they could onforward to me.

I received an email from Antelope the same day asking for me to confirm my delivery address and full body measurements so they could ensure I received the correct size.  The email provided a link to clip demonstrating how to take the body measurements.

I provided my measurements and received a response back saying they expected the suits would be ready for distribution in about 14 days.  So I added a calendar reminder in my phone.  When the 14 days were up I sent an email asking if everything was on track and the suit was on its way.

I was notified that it would be about another 14 days as they had many orders and various boring back office stuff to take care of.  Sure no problem, so I set another calendar reminder in my phone.  On the 14th day, I emailed again asking how it’s all coming along.

I was notified that there had been delays in the delivery of boosters (the plastic power box that connects to the torso and powers the suit) and it would be a further 10 days before it would be sent out.  I was assured that they would notify me once this was done.  Basically, they wanted me to stop asking if we’re there yet.

Around 10 business days later I received an email notifying me that delivery of the suit had been organised and a tracking code was provided.  OMG it was finally happening!

It has now been 6 days and the tracking number is reporting that the parcel has not yet left Germany.  Rather odd, but still I figure, it’s on its way.

Read my review on the Antelope suit here.


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