Antelope Electronic Muscle Stimulation Suit Review

What is the Antelope Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Suit

I first discovered the EMS Antelope bodysuit, what I hoped to be a glorious invention, on over a year ago.

Image 1. The Antelope EMS Suit – Male

A great little clip can be viewed here.

The Antelope suit consists of a tight short sleeve t-shirt and shorts that look like cycling shorts.

It is sports clothing with electronic muscle stimulators placed within the garment.  The stimulators are located over the major muscle groups.  The t-shirts stimulate the biceps, triceps, abs, back, shoulders and pectoral muscles.  The shorts stimulate the glutes, quads and hamstrings.

You can see the pad placement in the images above identified by meshy looking patches.

You can read my post about Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) if you would like to know more.

Arrival day cometh

The package finally arrived and I was struck with how crisp and professional it appeared.

Image 2. Antelope Suit Packaging
Image 3. Antelope Suit Packaging
Image 4. Antelope Suit Packaging Print


I carefully opened the box and navigated around its contents.  I expected it to have an instruction booklet with a number of languages however, everything was written in German.

This was a little disappointing but no biggy.  Finding instructions in English online was easy enough.

The instructions could have included little more information for example, whether or not I should wet the rubber pads.  Also, it would have been useful if the instructions included images clarifying where the pads should sit on the body once the suit is on.

Image 5. Inside Antelope Suit Box
Image 6. Antelope Suit Booster
Image 7. Antelope Suit brand new in box – Female


I charged the booster (see Image 6. above) for 4 hours and downloaded the Antelope APP.

The booster is the box that powers the suit.  It enables the suit to send electrical pulses to the muscles, causing them to contract – which the point of all of this.

The APP requested I create a user profile requiring a few personal details including my gender, weight, age etc before I was able to use it.

Image 8. Antelope Pants – Front, Female
Image 9. Antelope Pants – Back, Female
Image 10. Antelope Shirt – Back, Female
Image 11. Antelope Shirt – Inside, Female
Image 12. Antelope Shirt – Front, Female

Trying it out

It was a struggle to get it on as the rubber pads gripped to my skin, glueing it to my ankles.  I had to hold the pads off my skin all the way up the length of my leg.  This was not something I was going to look forward to with each use.  However, if the suit worked, worth it!

I clipped the booster to the suit as per the instruction manual.  You can see where the booster slips onto the shirt in image 12 above.  Next, I had the APP search and locate the booster and paired them.

Overcome with excitement I began to pump up the volume very slowly.  With each incremental increase, I waited briefly for the EMS tingle.

That was until I hit 80% on all body parts and nearly nothing had happened.  Only my quads and hamstrings we contracting at that stage, however, the contractions were very weak.

I felt nothing at all in every other part of my body.  So I dialled it up to 100%.  Still nothing.  At all.

I read over the instructions again, adjusted the pads to make sure they were over the major muscle groups, confirmed the booster was charged and tried again.  Nothing.  Not even my quads or hamstrings were firing anymore.

Incredibly disappointed I donned my sad face and peeled the suit off.  I packed it away and emailed Antelope.

Image 13. Antelope Suit App user interface


Antelope responded fairly promptly with friendly suggestions for getting the suit to work such as, moistening the rubber pads and using an alternative APP.

I followed their suggestions however, it made no difference, the suit was not working.

As disappointed as I was (which was allot), Antelope’s initial excellent customer service and preparedness to provide me with a full refund lifted my spirits. However, it took 6 weeks to finally receive the refund in my account, fewer fees.

Once the time finally came to transfer the money into my account, its customer service became very rude.  Antelope are of the view that in providing a refund for a product that did not work at all is exceptional goodwill.  I disagree and believe it is a matter of course.

The drawn-out process of providing me with a refund and having to follow Antelope up for weeks eliminated any interested I previously had in its products.

The idea is brilliant and the effort behind it is apparent.  However, it’s disappointing customer service has cemented my hesitation in buying again.


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