How to Grow Thin Porous Hair

For those of you who suffer under the weightlessness of thin and porous hair, there’s hope. Sure, the idea of growing it is about as fanciful as a talking pig riding a unicorn over a rainbow. However, Against all odds (and there many, many odds) I have grown my thin and porous hair to my elbows.

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Here’s How You Can Cure Your OCD – Part 1

I’m calling it.  I’ve cured my obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).  What a legend!

Not the super cool celebrity strain.  You know the one – ‘now that I’m famous I’m like so obsessed with appearing perfect – I like totally have OCD now’.  Erm, no you don’t, that’s just vanity.

Nor the other kind, often confused with being anal or just a regular jerk.  None of that.  I have the regular, old school ‘you’re weird’ variety.  The proper stuff.

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Benefits of Being Easy to Serve

I did the community a service and fought back against the tyranny of poor service, on behalf of all victims everywhere.  On behalf of humanity, I forced my “superior knowledge” of professionalism and service onto my assailants.  Somebody had to do it and I was perfectly trained for the job.  You’re welcome.

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